Just launched your startup? Now what…

  1. A hypothesis about the problem you believe exists and your solution to address it.
  2. People experiencing the problem you’re solving.
  3. Results that signal the potential of your idea and/or what to improve on.
  • Experiencing your problem
  • Interested in exploring potential solutions
  • Willing to share actionable feedback
  • Limited time to post engaging content consistently (daily or ~3x per week)
  • Limited money on paid ads, promotions or a marketing expert to create content for your page
  1. The problem is real (I experienced it 8 times)
  2. Ideas need early adopters and early adopters want ideas
  3. I won’t stop thinking about it until I give it a try 🤓

Aadit Patel

I like Hot Cheetos & startup ideas equally. Let’s connect!



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